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about us

Introduction of a company falat sanat abnie

Falat sanat abnie Co., as a subsidiary of Plateau-Saman, has been engaged in construction and construction activities in recent years.

The company, having succeeded in using advanced equipment and machinery, has taken important steps in the development of the country, and has taken so far in various fields, including the design and implementation of residential, commercial, office, design and Implementation of hydraulic structures, refineries, industrial structures and other types of concrete and steel structures, etc., and in all cases attracted employers’ satisfaction.

Falat Sanat Sanat Company is active in the field of public contracting and investment participation, construction and operation of major construction projects (buildings, transportation, facilities and equipment, energy, etc.) through the management of these activities. And has developed a network of partner financial, engineering, procurement, construction and utility companies. The company currently has the potential of high technical, operational and financial readiness to implement EPC / EPCF projects.

Active units of the company

Falat Sanat abnie Company, in order to further its objectives, plan services, equipment supply, and management of building projects in the following active units:

  • Engineering Design Unit:

Includes civile and structural units, electrical and mechanical (installations) for producing project execution plans.

  • production unit

Ncludes units based in the factory for the production of various materials and construction equipment required in the projects.

  • Trading department

Includes internal and external business units for tracking, purchasing and supplying materials and equipment needed in projects

  • Executive unit

Includes resident groups in workshops for the precise implementation of projects

  • High monitoring and monitoring unit

Includes implementation control units, based on standards required in projects