Falat sanat abnie. has been engaged in construction and construction activities in recent years.

The company, having succeeded in using advanced equipment and machinery, has taken important steps in the development of the country, and has taken so far in various fields, including the design and implementation of residential, commercial, office, design and Implementation of hydraulic structures, refineries, industrial structures and other types of concrete and steel structures and … has attracted employers’ satisfaction in all cases. Falat Sanat Company is active in the field of public contracting and investment participation, construction and operation of major construction projects (buildings, transportation, facilities and equipment, energy, etc.) through the management of these activities.

And the development of a network of partner companies financing, engineering, procurement, construction and Benefit is selected. The company currently has the potential of high technical, operational and financial readiness to implement EPC / EPCF projects.

Job Opportunities

On the Plot of Building Industry Plateau industrial buildings from scratch, believing that the capital of any organization is its human resource, attracting professionals and hard work Srlvh strategies for human resource development placed and by providing job opportunities equal for all graduates, solutions certain to attract And recruited selected and qualified individuals to create and develop a distinctive and distinct undergraduate and managerial body.

You are welcome to join our group if you are ready to contribute and submit a job application. Submit and submit the relevant form. After your initial distribution, your request will be contacted based on organizational procedures.